About Underground Tattoos.

Welcome to Underground Tattoos, your premier destination for exceptional tattoo and piercing experiences in Watford! Established in 2006, our studio has been a pioneer in the industry, founded by an owner with extensive experience, having co-owned and pierced in a Luton store since 1998.

At Underground Tattoos, we pride ourselves on being a unique and customer-friendly establishment, setting a new standard for tattoo and piercing studios. Our commitment is to provide you with unparalleled quality products and services, all at affordable prices.

Explore the world of underground tattoos and piercing at our Watford studio. Whether you’re looking for a distinctive tattoo or a professional piercing experience, Underground Tattoos is your go-to destination. Discover the artistry and creativity that sets us apart.

Join us on this exciting journey at Underground Tattoos – where innovation meets affordability. Your satisfaction is our priority, making your tattoo and piercing dreams a reality. Experience the difference at Underground Tattoos Watford.

About Enfield Tattoos.

Following the triumph of our Watford Studio, our visionary owner expanded our horizons to Enfield in 2012, identifying it as the perfect location for our unique concept. Enfield embraced the same distinctive style and approach as Watford, swiftly becoming a local sensation virtually overnight.

Discover the allure of underground tattoos at our Enfield studio, where we specialize in pushing the boundaries of tattoo artistry. Our commitment to excellence extends to underground piercing, offering a personalized touch to each client’s experience.

At Underground Tattoo and Piercing, our Enfield location echoes the success of our Watford Studio, showcasing the same dedication to quality and innovation. Immerse yourself in the world of underground tattoo and piercing, where creativity meets affordability.

Explore the thriving culture of underground tattoos and piercing in Enfield, where our studio has become a local success story. Our unique concept, honed in Watford, has resonated with the community, establishing us as a go-to destination for those seeking cutting-edge body art.


About Stevenage Tattoos.

In 2019, Stevenage welcomed a new chapter as our studio opened its doors, drawing inspiration from the success of our flagship Watford Studio. Following the blueprint of our renowned Watford location, Stevenage adopted the £15 Piercing concept, featuring the finest Tattoo Artists committed to delivering quality services at affordable prices.

Embark on a journey into the world of underground tattoos at our Stevenage studio. Our specialization in Stevenage underground tattoo artistry reflects the high standards set by our flagship Watford Studio. We take pride in offering a unique and personalized experience for those seeking underground piercing services.

At Underground Tattoo and Piercing, our Stevenage branch stays true to the principles of quality and affordability. Our commitment to the £15 Piercing concept provides accessibility to exceptional services, complemented by the expertise of our best Tattoo Artists. The studio’s design ensures a customer-friendly environment for those exploring unique tattoos and piercings.

By choosing Underground Tattoo and Piercing in Stevenage, you join a community dedicated to artistic excellence, quality craftsmanship, and budget-friendly options. Immerse yourself in the thriving culture of underground tattoos and piercings by stepping into our Stevenage studio.


About Bella Andrea & Piercing.

Wondering how we maintain top-notch piercings at budget-friendly rates? It’s a straightforward approach: we purchase our jewelry in bulk, allowing us to pass on significant savings to our customers. Rest assured, we never compromise on quality. Our initial piercing jewelry is crafted from High Polished ASTM F-136 implant-grade Titanium, accompanied by Mill Certificates to guarantee authenticity.

At our piercing shop, we are committed to providing customers with the best at affordable prices. By sourcing materials in bulk, we ensure that quality is never sacrificed. Our dedication to excellence has been the key to our success for over 15 years, and we’re still going strong, with plans for expansion on the horizon.

Choose us for your body piercing needs, and experience the lasting quality that has kept customers returning for over a decade. We believe in offering the finest products at prices that won’t break the bank.

About Tattoo Artists.

We take immense pride in featuring the most exceptional tattoo artists in our area, renowned for consistently delivering outstanding and premium-quality work. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering laser tattoo removal services, a venture that began in 2008 to address the need for superior cover-up tattoos.

Our journey into laser tattoo removal stemmed from the realization that customers with older, darker tattoos faced limitations in covering them up effectively. To provide better options, we invested in our first Tattoo Laser Removal machine after thorough research and training. Initially, we introduced this service at affordable prices, particularly benefiting our cover-up tattoo customers.

Choose us for your tattoo needs, where our skilled tattoo artists excel in creating designs of the highest caliber. Additionally, our laser tattoo removal services are designed to enhance cover-up options, providing a comprehensive solution for our valued customers.

About Laser Tattoo Removal.

Throughout the years, our commitment to high-quality and affordable laser services has been a driving force in our growth. We’ve seamlessly integrated laser services into each of our studios, ensuring that our customers benefit from premium quality without breaking the bank. This dedication has been pivotal in our journey from strength to strength.

Today, we proudly offer our own jewelry and aftercare range, a collection that continues to expand monthly, thanks to the support of both existing and new customers. Our promise is to consistently provide you with the best products and services at prices that remain accessible. As a customer-centric business, we recognize that you are the most important part of our journey, and we sincerely thank you for your trust and belief in us.

At our studios, we firmly believe in offering customers the best at affordable prices, fostering lasting relationships. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” With 15 years of continued success, we are still going strong and actively pursuing opportunities to expand.