Aftercare Guidance

Navel, Nipple, Surface & Micro-Dermal Piercings

  • Avoid baths and stick to showers for the first couple of weeks, allowing the hot water to rinse carefully over the piercing
  • Wear loose clothing to avoid any irritation of the piercing
  • Avoid swimming and exercise for the first two weeks, clean piercing after either of these activities
  • If any products such as moisturiser, shower soaps & gels or fake tan are used, carefully avoid the area of the piercing and clean it straight after use
  • Dermal piercings must be covered by a plaster for at least two weeks, change this once/twice a day and clean the piercing each time

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guides.

Tongue, Tongue Web, Smiley & Lip Piercings

  • The most essential product to use to clean these piercings is Alcohol Free Listerine mouthwash. Rinse your mouth with this 2 to 3 times a day
  • Avoid smoking as this will prolong the healing process of your piercing. If you do smoke then you must rinse your mouth after every third cigarette
  • Try to keep your tongue relaxed (for tongue & tongue web piercing) do not play with it in your mouth or stick it in and out to show people, as this will encourage swelling
  • Ibuprofen & Nurofen are advisable as they are anti-inflammatory and will help with pain and swelling
  • Try to eat as best as you can, you will find it uncomfortable but take eating slowly and carefully

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guide.

Ear and Facial Piercings

  • Avoid using any products such as hair spray/hair dye/make-up/moisturiser directly onto any piercing. If you use anything, clean the area immediately with Saline solution.
  • Do not touch or play with your piercing.

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guide.

Additional Info

Most piercings are pierced with a longer bar to allow for swelling, you will have been advised to come back after a certain amount of time to have a smaller bar fitted.
This is recommended to help finish the healing of your piercing and is generally much more comfortable. Bar changes cost £5 and we will change them for you!
Remember that everybody heals differently and you must be consistent with your aftercare and patient through out the healing process.

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