What is a Curated Ear Piercing?

Ultimately it is a new way to get pierced… originally made famous by Maria Tash! Simply decorate your ear with multiple piercings.

Get all of your piercings done at once or over a few appointments by
simply going back to the same salon. This way of piercing ensures you have a plan with your Piercing Specialist and you’re able to complete your balanced
curated ear look with matching jewellery!

There are over 20 places to get pierced on your ears! Why not try multiple lobe piercings, a conch, forward helix and double outer conch/flat? Work with your Piercing Specialist to create a balanced look that suits you!

Already have piercings? 

You can still join in on the fun!
Refresh your look with a jewellery changeover in any Stevenage Tattoos salon with our custom design labret flat backs, studs, clickers and hinged rings.

Complete your curated ear constellation and style with matching jewellery that complements your personal look.

How to discover your curated ear style? 

We suggest sticking with one metal colour – silver, gold, rose gold, or black. 

We have options in surgical steel, titanium, 14ct solid gold, 18ct gold PVD, rose gold PVD, Bioplast (clear jewellery) and more. Go for something simple or choose from our range of fancy designs or Swarovski crystals.

A good idea is to choose one main focus; the colour of the metal, coloured stones or choose one statement piece surrounded by petite studs or hoops. There are options for a dainty and subtle look or for chunky and bold styles.

Many clients choose to go with gold with a few clear Swarovski crystals to complement. Stevenage Tattoos stock a wide range of jewellery in a variety of metals and stones, so the possibilities are endless!

There are no rules here. Get creative and release your inner stylist. Before you start curating your ear stack, find some inspiration on Instagram and have a one-on-one discussion with one of Stevenage Tattoos Piercing Specialists.




The Piercers at Stevenage Tattoos will be able to recommend which piercings are best suited to your anatomy, size and shape of your ears while taking your day- to-day lifestyle and personal style into consideration.

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