Our Piercers here at underground have more than 20 years of experience between them. We offer all types of Body Piercing at competitive prices.

No need to make an appointment just pop in the shop.

Needle Piercings just £15

Nipple Piercing £20

Dermals £20

Genitals £35


A. 16 with ID or come with a parent if you are over the age of 12

A. Please refer to our website for our price list.

A. The best way to get rid of the piercing bump is to treat it with warm water & tea tree oil ( about 5 drops to a shot glass of warm water , also we have no pull piercing disks which are small clear discs that can be added to the bar which will train the bump to go down

A. No , we cannot use Jewellery that you provide as we cannot say if it’s sterile or what metals they may contain . We can order the jewellery you want which only takes 1 day to arrive. We also stock a large variety of jewellery in store.

A. There is no need to make an appointment for piercings as there’s always two piercers here everyday. For Tattoos you will need an appointment , we don’t normally take walkins unless there are cancellations or space in the diary – keep an eye on social media for cancellations


A. We will not pierce anyone under the age of 12 

A. Yes we have two Private piercing rooms so you don’t have to sit in front of other customers like some studios.

A. Yes. We have female and male piercers available.

Swelling can happen after having a piercing and this is why we fit a long bar in an initial piercing. Keep cleaning it with a piercing solution.
If you notice any puss and swelling then you may have got some sort into the piercing.
A course of antibiotics may be needed, but don’t remove the bar.
This may happen after the first day of a piercing, the ear has lots of small capillaries in it, and a piercing may go through these. Let the ear scab around the piercing and heal up. Try not to remove the scab but just clean around it.

You may be allergic to Titanium which is very rare but can happen. Or it could be the aftercare that your allergic to. We advise to attend the Studio so we can work with you and explore other options like Bio flex or changing the solution.

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